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Offering Life, Health, Property & Casualty, and Industry Intelligence

About Us

Founded in 2019 by Nazir Valani and Sarah Valani, Valani Global began as a niche consulting firm dedicated to assisting life insurance companies in their financial risk management objectives. Our core competencies include actuarial modeling and financial reporting. As an active member of the Moody’s Global Partner Alliance program, we continue implementing Moody’s Analytics risk management solutions like IFRS17, AXIS™, and RiskIntegrity™.

Since inception, we’ve broadened our reach and services, notably by acquiring JSCP. Founded in 1991, JSCP is a leading P&C actuarial firm. Now, we offer Life, Health, and P&C services globally.

Our Actuarial Expertise

Actuarial Consultants

Fully Qualified Actuaries (FCIA, FSA, FCAS, FIA)

Associates (ASA, ACIA, ACAS)

Skilled Analysts

Our Customers

“You are our number 1 consultants, you know what you are doing, and the cost is reasonable”

A client from one of the Big Three Canadian lifeco

“Valani are the ‘go to’ for actuarial modelling expertise.

From one of the largest Canadian mutual companies

“Valani consultants walk on water.”

A client from a Caribbean lifeco

“Valani consultants are different. You actually get things done.”

A client from a U.S. lifeco

Our Services

Life, Health, P&C, and Multi-Line Insurers

Appointed Actuary/Peer Review

Providing AA/peer reviews for clients across various jurisdictions, upholding industry standards.


Delivering best-in-class solutions through AXIS™, AXIS™ US GAAP Link, AXIS™ IFRS 17, and RiskIntegrity™ for IFRS 17 to cater to diverse financial and regulatory needs.

Capital/Solvency/FCT/ ORSA

Working closely with clients and regulators across multiple jurisdictions to optimize capital and solvency management.

Climate Risk & Opportunities

Collaborating with Moody’s Analytics for climate risk modeling, scenario planning, and addressing climate challenges.

Data Analytics & Experience Studies

Utilizing data to align solutions with business goals, optimize pricing, and informed decision-making.

Enterprise Risk Management

Leveraging regulatory insights to optimize Financial and Non-financial regulations operations.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Staff with hands-on M&A experience leading execution strategies and overseeing data rooms.

Pricing & Product Development

Designing and pricing diverse insurance solutions across multiple jurisdictions.


Experienced staff with reinsurer backgrounds are ready to assist with all reinsurance needs.

Valuation/ Financial Reporting & Planning/Analysis

Offering in-depth financial reporting and planning under IFRS17, US GAAP (including LDTI), and Caribbean regimes.

Why Choose Valani?

At Valani Global, our diverse team is our greatest asset. With a wide array of skills and knowledge, we actively tackle challenges across multiple disciplines and regions.

We work as one cohesive unit, not divided by territories, using global actuarial best practices to deliver top-notch solutions. Our close partnership with Moody’s Analytics further strengthens our offerings.

As a family-managed firm, we’re nimble and quick to respond to our client’s needs. Our streamlined internal processes allow us to move swiftly, providing the solutions you need when you need them.

Our Approach

Modern Project Management & Governance Capabilities

Time Management

Resources, activities, and schedule within a Project Plan

Cost Management

Estimated time-to-complete and budget remaining

Communication Management

Proactive, keeping all stakeholders adequately informed throughout the project; a mix of formal and informal

Monitoring & Reporting

Weekly remaining budgets, costs, and work descriptions

Knowledge Transfer

Collaborative discussions and information sharing sessions

Scope Management

Requirements, processes, and a well-defined scope are communicated clearly and understood by all stakeholders

Risk Management

Identification, analysis, and response planning of each project risk

Fee Structure

Hourly rates. We will consider Flat fees on certain projects

RFP / Proposals Include:

• Our Understanding
• Resources
• Costs and Timelines
• Terms and Conditions