Andrew Good, FSA, ACIA, CERA
Consulting Actuary

Andrew is a Consulting Actuary at Valani Global who specializes in model design, transformation, and validation using Moody’s/GGY’s AXIS actuarial software.
Prior to joining Valani Global, Andrew worked in several roles in reinsurance, management consulting, and risk management where he gained experience in valuation, reporting, model development, and project management.

Andrew holds a Bachelor of Mathematics from the University of Waterloo. He is a Fellow of the Society of Actuaries, Associate of the Canadian Institute of Actuaries and a Chartered Enterprise Risk Analyst.

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How did you begin your journey into actuarial science?
I've always been interested in mathematics, and in grade ten, I actually took a civics assessment and actuary was the first item on the list. My aunt's father was a professor at the University of Waterloo, and he suggested that I go there to study
and learn more about the profession. I did but then took a turn out of university as I started as a management consultant rather than an actuary. But I returned to actuarial science as it allows me to maintain a good work-life balance while still solving challenging problems.

What led you to Actuarial modeling?
I've been interested in modeling since university. Two of my favorite courses were computational linear algebra and computer simulation of complex systems, which taught me how to build models from scratch. I think modeling is a great blend of allowing me to use my large technical skillset while also incorporating professional experience and judgment.

What's your background in AXIS?
I've been working in AXIS for my entire actuarial career. I've worked on model builds, transformations, validations, and periodic valuation work. Prior to joining Valani Global, I was the lead of a multi-line model enhancement project at a major reinsurer. I was responsible for the model design and build of several AXIS models in the US and Canada, with our goal being to reduce model risk.

Why did you join Valani Global?
Valani Global offers an environment to work with a team of experts on a variety of challenging and top-of-mind modeling problems. They had already established a strong reputation before I joined, and I'm excited to contribute to that.

Why should clients hire Valani Global?
Clients should hire us for our commitment to putting their needs first. We'll go above and beyond to ensure that they're happy with our work. Valani has a team of experienced individuals and fast learners who can quickly propose and implement solutions to their problems.

What skillset do you bring to the Valani team?
My greatest skill set is with respect to modeling. When working on a model build myself, I can pull from vast experience with both actuarial and non-actuarial models in order to synthesize techniques and best practices. When working with an existing model, I can quickly understand it for the purposes of either validation or to suggest improvements. I also have significant project management experience, which allows me to step up and see the big picture in order to get the job done.

How are you involved in the actuarial community?
I like to contribute to the actuarial community by volunteering with the SOA. I've always had an interest in education and learning and feel I can best contribute in that area. I've been writing exam questions and grading exams sittings for the last five years.