Jeanette D’Mello, FSA, FCIA, MAAA

Consulting Actuary

Jeanette is a Consulting Actuary at Valani Global. She specializes in Moody’s products (AXIS, IFRS17 Link, RiskIntegrity), end to end actuarial transformations, reinsurance modeling, life products, annuities, CALM, US statutory, and US GAAP.

Prior to joining Valani Global, she worked in actuarial consulting, audit, and three major life insurance companies. In her consulting roles, she has been the lead architect and modeler for numerous AXIS conversions and has performing detailed vetting and reviews of actuarial models.

She is a Fellow of the Society of Actuaries, a Fellow of the Canadian Institute of Actuaries, and a Member of the American Academy of Actuaries.

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How did you begin your journey into actuarial science?
My dad, who worked at an insurance company, suggested that I consider becoming an actuary. I had good grades in math in high school, so after talking with counsellors, I took the actuarial science program and wrote most of my associate exams while in university.

What led you to Actuarial modeling?
I started doing Actuarial modeling when I joined a consulting firm in 2000. I enjoy the creative aspect in developing the model design and architect and the challenge of problem-solving. For me, it’s not enough to just find a solution. I strive to find the optimal solution.

What’s your background in AXIS?
I first started using AXIS when I worked at an insurance company back in the ’90s. However, my AXIS skills were honed when I joined Valani Consulting in 2005. Over the years, I’ve performed actuarial conversions from legacy systems to AXIS and have held lead modeller and architect roles in end-to-end actuarial transformations.

Why did you join Valani Global?
I joined Valani Global after having worked with Nazir previously at his first company, Valani Consulting. The work environment is consistent with Valani’s common-sense approach, and I like how we work as a team with a common goal of doing the best job possible for our clients.

What skillset do you bring to the Valani team?
What I bring to the table is my expertise in AXIS modelling. I’ve led numerous conversions and end-to-end transformations in the US and Canada, and am familiar with standards in both countries. Additionally, I’ve worked for two of the big four audit firms, which gives me a unique auditor’s perspective on actuarial modeling regarding automation and controls.

Why should clients hire Valani Global?
Collectively at Valani Global, we have a broad range of skills from LDTI to IFRS 17, and our AXIS expertise is the best in the industry. Our team is committed to providing quality work for our clients at reasonable rates.

How are you involved in the actuarial community?
Being a consulting actuary gives me the opportunity to associate with other actuaries in the actuarial community, in addition to attending SOA and CIA meetings and webcasts.