Scott D. Houghton, FSA, MAAA
Vice President and Consulting Actuary

Scott Houghton, FSA, MAAA is a Vice President & Consulting Actuary at Valani Global.  He specializes in Moody’s/GGY’s AXIS's software conversions, appointed actuary work, life products, annuities, US statutory, US GAAP, and IFRS 17.  Prior to Valani Global, Scott worked for two insurance companies and other consulting firms.  Scott is currently a Council Member and Past President of the Society of Actuaries Modeling Section.

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How did you begin your journey into actuarial science?
After being a teacher for a year, I decided teaching wasn't for me. I saw an ad in the newspaper for a local actuarial job and I applied and I got the job. It was a good experience because there was a wide variety of insurance products and different types of actuarial work to do there.

What led you to Actuarial modeling?
In 1990, I was working at an insurance company in Boston and I was assigned the task of building an actuarial model from scratch. It took about six months to complete and the process was so rewarding, I've been a modeler ever since.

What's your background in AXIS?
Five years after I built that first model, I was a consultant. The software we were using was becoming out of date. There were various platforms in development but they weren't quite ready for professional use. When I first heard of AXIS, I was like, oh great, another problematic startup platform. But when I started using it, that wasn't the case. The software was ready to go, everything worked great, their support was miles ahead of the competition. I knew then that AXIS was the way forward.

Why did you join Valani Global?
In 2018, I called Nazir and asked him to be a reference for a job I was applying for. He told me he was forming a new company and that he wanted me to join. I accepted over the phone. I called back the firm that I was interviewing at and told them I was no longer interested in that job and dropped all other job offers. With my experience and expertise in financial reporting and AXIS models, it was a perfect fit.

Why should clients hire Valani Global?
Clients come to us because not only are we experts at designing, building, and documenting models, we are also very good at addressing issues that arise with data or unique product features.