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Stamen Hristov, FSA, FCIA

Consulting Actuary

Stamen is a Consulting Actuary at Valani Global specializing in experience studies and assumption development. He also has significant experience with Qlikview application development and extensive experience in life reinsurance and IFRS17 implementation.

Before joining Valani Global, Stamen worked as a Director of Group Finance Actuarial Systems & technology at a major Life Insurer in Canada, where he led a team overseeing various Qlikview reporting applications and their transition to IFRS17. Before that, Stamen worked at a major reinsurer in Biometric Research, working in both the US and Canadian markets. Furthermore, Stamen recently spent two years in Munich, Germany, working on IFRS17 implementation, focusing on global portfolio optimization at transition.

Stamen holds a Bachelor of Commerce, Join Honors Economics & Finance degree from McGill University. He is a Fellow of the Society of Actuaries and a Fellow of the Canadian Institute of Actuaries. Stamen is fluent in French and English.


I enjoy diving deep into complex problems and getting my hands dirty to find a solution that works for my clients.

How did you begin your journey into actuarial science?
In university, I studied Finance & Economics to pursue a career in banking or further my economics studies. However, as graduation neared, neither option appealed to me. With a strong foundation in economics, finance, and math, I researched actuarial science and decided to explore it further after speaking with some actuarial science students. The idea of being able to work while studying for the actuarial exams was very appealing to me, and I was able to pass the initial exams quickly. After exams, I got an internship, eventually leading to a full-time offer.

What led you to Actuarial modeling?
As an actuary, my primary job is translating virtually unlimited real-world data into a price for an insurance product. This work requires me to develop an actuarial model, the type of technical challenge I relish. I enjoy diving deep into complex problems and getting my hands dirty to find a solution that works for my clients.

What’s your background in AXIS?
While in the Biometric Research department, I was introduced to AXIS, an actuarial modeling software. As part of my job, I developed and tested actuarial assumptions on various blocks of business. While I had experience with other modeling software, I quickly discovered AXIS’s unique benefits.

Why did you join Valani Global?
I had the pleasure of knowing several consultants at Valani Global, both personally and professionally. I was impressed by their exceptional skills and knew right away that I wanted to be a part of that environment. Therefore, when I was presented with the opportunity to join Valani Global, I didn’t hesitate for a moment.

Why should clients hire Valani Global?
Valani Global is well-known in the North American insurance industry for providing top-notch services. We take pride in our client-centric approach and consistently deliver high-quality work. Our team of consultants has extensive experience in all aspects of the insurance business, and we are committed to staying up-to-date with the latest actuarial best practices and new developments.

What skill set do you bring to the Valani team?
I bring a wide variety of actuarial experience to the table: valuation, pricing, research, reporting, and business intelligence tool development. My skill set involves learning new concepts quickly and delivering comprehensive, workable solutions.

How are you involved in the actuarial community?
I volunteer with the Society of Actuaries as an exam grader for multiple exams at both the prelim and FSA levels. Additionally, in 2021, I had the opportunity to be a model reviewer for a COVID-19 pandemic paper that the Canadian Institute of Actuaries published. Volunteering has been incredibly rewarding, allowing me to give back to the actuarial community and stay connected with my profession.🟦