Tim Noble, FSA, MAAA

Consulting Actuary

Tim is a Consulting Actuary at Valani Global. He specializes in end-to-end model conversions, model reconciliation, and sustainability within Moody’s AXIS.

Prior to joining Valani Global, Tim held various positions in both industry and consulting. He has led many model conversions to AXIS, helped clients optimize their assumption processing with AXIS DataLink and supporting software, and developed output reporting standards.

Tim is a Fellow of the Society of Actuaries and a Member of the American Academy of Actuaries.


tnoble@valaniglobal.com      1.646.306.3640       https://www.linkedin.com/in/tnoble/



How did you begin your journey into actuarial science?
My freshman year at university, I was convinced that I wanted to study world history, learn foreign languages, and eventually work in diplomacy. However, throughout my time at school, I was continually drawn toward math and science. And at first, this was because I craved the coursework’s objectivity. But I later discovered that my true passion was in problem-solving. It wasn't until my first job at an insurance company that I learned about the actuarial profession. And when I discovered that I could solve complex problems for a living, I never looked back. I quickly passed all my actuarial exams and earned my FSA.

What led you to Actuarial modeling?
At the core of the actuarial skill set is the ability to break down real-world relationships among variables into useful business information. In short, I think that all actuaries are modelers at heart. I started my career by building processes and maintaining models for the hedging department of a large U.S. insurer. I'd later take those skills to a consulting role where I helped companies to develop models using industry-leading techniques.

What's your background in AXIS?
So I remember seeing AXIS for the first time years ago when I was still taking actuarial exams and being early in my career was helpful to see the product features and assumptions and scenarios all laid out in a structured and logical format. Now, I think of all insurance products in that same structured and logical format. I feel most accomplished when I can help a company to grasp that structure and to develop a model that's built to last.

Why did you join Valani Global?
Valani Global is a group of highly-skilled, AXIS focused modeling actuaries. I'm passionate about the work that they do, and I was very glad to be given the opportunity to join them as I get to exclusively focus on the work that I enjoy most.

Why should clients hire Valani Global?
Insurance companies base many of their decisions on model output, and they need to trust that those models have been well developed. The depth of knowledge and expertise at Valani Global is what sets us apart, and our clients know that they can trust Valani models.

What skillset do you bring to the Valani team?
My greatest skill is in translating our solutions to complex problems. Sometimes our clients don't always have the time to dig into the details, and that's why they hire us. I enjoy sussing out the salient points of our work and helping our clients understand what matters most to them by tying back our solutions to the original client need I get to tell the complete story.

How are you involved in the actuarial community?
I volunteer extensively with the Society of Actuaries in developing industry meeting content and running panel discussions. I think it's important to bring people together to discuss the practical aspects of model building and the wide array of business implications of model conversions.