Valani Global was established in 2019 by Nazir Valani and Sarah Valani to support life insurance companies in achieving their financial risk management goals through a focus on actuarial modeling, financial reporting and implementations of Moody’s Analytics solutions. Collectively our team has over 100 years of experience with AXIS with an emphasis in end to end AXIS implementation services.

We are building a powerhouse of AXIS experts who focus exclusively on Moody’s risk management software,
which includes:


  • AXIS™
  • AXIS™ US GAAP Link
  • AXIS™ IFRS 17 Link
  • RiskIntegrity™ IFRS 17

Our Process

Aspects of our modern project governance capabilities

Scope Management

The management of requirements and processes necessary to complete projects successfully, as well as managing changes that may occur during the execution of the engagement. A well defined scope is com- municated clearly and understood by all stakeholders.

Time Management

The management of resources, activities, and schedule within a Project Plan to ensure the successful delivery within the timelines of the engagement.

Cost Management

The management of the estimated time to complete and budget remaining to ensure that the project is completed within the agreed upon cost of the engagement.

Communications Management

Involves keeping all stakeholders ade- quately informed throughout the project. Communication is a mix of formal and informal and is proactive in nature.

Risk Management

The identification, analysis and response planning of each project risk that occurs during the project. A project risk can be related to an uncertain event and may have a positive or negative impact on the project.

Knowledge Transfer

Is provided informally through collaborative discussions and information sharing sessions. This information includes but is not limited to technology, methodologies, and best practices.

We will also provide written documentation for work performed.

Monitoring & Reporting

Our approach is time and material with an approved budget by phase, and with weekly monitoring and reporting, so there are no surprises. The reporting would include: the remaining budget from last week, consulting cost for the week, a description of the work performed over the week, and the week’s end remaining budget.