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2021 AXIS Conversions | What is Involved? An in-depth look into Valani Global’s Best-In-Class Process

Valani Global is a niche consulting firm that solely focuses on Moody’s risk management software solutions. We are also part of the Moody’s Global PartnerAlliance program, which is an expert network that offers delivery and support options for Moody’s Analytics clients.
Using our expertise, we have performed 100+ transformations from different data sources to Moody’s software solutions, including AXIS and RiskIntegrityTM.
100% of our consultants are fully certified in RiskIntegrityTM for IFRS 17. We do not hire juniors who learn on the job at your expense.
Once a resource is allocated to a client, they will remain dedicated to the project until com- pletion.
The success and satisfaction of our clients are paramount to us. We will work hard to ensure that our work meets or exceeds your standards.

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Consultants’ views of IFRS 17

Santiago Fiallos, Senior Manager, Actuarial & Quantitative Services, at Sia Partners; and Nazir Valani, President and Co-Founder, Valani Global share their thoughts on IFRS 17 implementation at non-life insurers.

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Turning Entrepreneurial Spirit into Career Growth

A drive to push through the fear of failure is one of the traits that separates successful entrepreneurs from the pack. And as Nazir Valani learned early in his career, that drive is especially important when doubts come from people he looked to for encouragement.

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